POLICY SEMINAR (Kampala, Uganda)

On the 22nd of May 2018, the CoDEC team from Makerere University held a policy seminar with the aim of discussing policy mixes on energy for better health and housing in Africa cities. The specific objectives of the seminar were to:

  • Find home grown solutions from Africa to address the challenges in Urban centres.
  • Provide solutions that have a multiplication, incremental positive effects on the Global sustainability challenges.
  • Bring onboard early career scientists that can take part in being solution finders.

The seminar was attended by 15 participants drawn from the University, from the Uganda National Planning Authority, from LUCHACOS (a community-based group in Kasubi-Kawaala), and from the private sector. By the end of the interactive session, participants suggested policy options and strategies that would:

  • Increase access to alternative energy services,
  • Stimulate entry of the urban poor into energy businesses,
  • Reduce energy related health-impacts.


A presenter at the seminar


Participants of the seminar


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