The Living Lab team carried out a baseline study in four villages of Mathare informal settlement in the month of June 2017. The four villages, namely: Kiamutisya, Kosovo, Mathare 4A and Mlango Kubwa, were sampled based on the housing typologies common in the informal settlement. The study involved a survey of100 households spread across the four villages. The questionnaire used in the survey was informed by a similar study that had already been carried out in Enkanini informal settlement in Stellenbosch South Africa.

Five co-researchers and two community leaders from Mathare worked with researchers from the Living Lab to re-design the questionnaire so as to ensure that it was contextualised. The co-researchers were further involved in administering the questionnaire and in mapping energy and health related resources in the settlement.


A map showing the identified household energy sources in the Kiamutisya village.
Training Session for researchers and co-researchers at ‘Community Library-schools of Hope’ in Kosovo village in Mathare.


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